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Yuba County Public Records

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Public interest and the requirements of checks and balances have ensured that public records would always be available to the public, but the even more important factor that worked in favor of making these records always available to the public is the requirements of practicality. For sure, the records that are part of the collection known as the Yuba County Public Records are so important to the public that they are always being requested for by the public for use in both public proceedings and private transactions. As such, practicality requires that public records be available to the public at all times as the contents of these records could be used to establish something. Often, public records are the best evidence, with some public proceedings actually requiring public records as the only evidence that could be used.

With a lot of people requesting for public records, common sense dictates that the originals of the public records not only be kept at a location where they could be easily accessed, they must also be secured so that when another person requests for them they could be easily found. Thus, only copies of public records could be issued to a person, and in this regard, one must note the difference between informational and authorized copies. Although containing the same information, informational copies could not be used to establish identity, while authorized copies are issued only to people who are included in an exclusive list of people identified by the law. Note, however, that these classifications apply only to copies for vital records, as non-vital records are just classified as copies.

Requests for vital records are handled at both the county level and the state level. County level searches are the responsibility of the clerk-recorder while state level searches are the province of the California Department of Public Health. The procedure starts with the searcher first downloading the relevant form from the website of either the department or the office and filling up the same. Note that authorized copies require the searcher to execute a sworn statement and have the same notarized. The next step is to determine the required fee and to make a money order to correspond to the same. Note that only money orders are the allowed form of payment. Once the money order is complete, attach the same to the request before sending the request to the department or office for processing. The fees range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars at both levels.

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Requests for non-vital records are conducted only at the county level through the office of the clerk-recorder which has copies of all public documents relating to events that happened within the county. A request for non-vital record has to be handled by the searcher personally, so he has to go to the office and make the request there. The searcher would have to manually search the archive, though he could request for the assistance of a member of the staff. Once the record had been located, the next step would be to request for a copy of the same, and a copy would be made and issued to the searcher after he had paid the required copying fee which is one dollar per page.

For those who require the record as fast as possible, the suggested method is to search for the record using online databases. The sheer number of these databases makes them easy to locate, and once located, the user would find most of them easy to use. Providing the same information as the two offices mentioned above, these databases are, nevertheless, mostly free to use, quicker with their searches and conduct their searches more efficiently. They are also internet searches, which mean that there is no need to either fall in line or even to leave the house in order to conduct the search.

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The procedure given below relates to requesting for copies of vital records at the county level.

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