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Almost everything that happens, either in public or private, leaves behind some sort of record, and most of these records end up under the classification of private records. There are some events, however, that leave behind public records, and these records inevitably found them included in the collection known as the Yolo County Public Records. The inclusion of these records in this collection is not only mandated by law, but also by the requirements of practicality. After all, these documents would one day be required by the general public in one aspect or another of public proceeding or even private transactions where these public records are always the best evidence that a party could present.

Once a record is included in the archives, it is almost impossible to take it out. For those who would find themselves in need of these records, however, copies of the same are always available. Note, however, the difference between vital records and non-vital records, as their classification is important because copies of vital records are classified either as informational copies or authorized copies. Although they do present the same information, they are actually different from each other in the sense that informational copies could not establish identity while authorized copies are not issued to anyone unless the person requesting it is in the exclusive list establish by law.

Requests for non-vital records are conducted only at the county level, meaning, the local office of the clerk-recorder. With the recent passage of state law that limits the amount of information that the government could place online, there is currently no internet-based search engine for non-vital records, so the person who is making the request has to actually proceed to the office and make the request there. Once the request is made, the search for the record could commence, either with the assistance of a staff member if so requested or not. Either way, once the record had been located, the next step would be to request for a copy and to pay the copying fee which stands at one dollar per page of the record.

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Vital records requests are conducted at both the county level and the state level, the California Department of Public Health. The procedure starts with the searcher downloading the relevant request form and filling up the same. Note that a notarized sworn statement is required when requesting for an authorized copy at either level. Once the forms have been duly accomplished, the searcher has to make a money order to correspond to the required fee as established by the schedule of fees of either the office or the department. At both levels, the fees range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars. The final step is to send all the requirements to the office or department for processing.

While there is no official internet-based records search, there are unofficial internet databases that a searcher could use for the search when using the internet. These online databases are easy to locate and use. In addition, most of them do not charge any fees for their information despite these databases actually having the same databases as the two offices mentioned above. As with all internet-based searches, they are fast, and more efficient, in addition to the fact that they do not require lines and the searcher could do the search at home.

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The procedure below relates to requesting for vital records at the county level.

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