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The keeping of public records is some of the most important duties of the government. This is because public records are always the best evidence that something had indeed happened, and there are even some public proceedings that do not accept a document as evidence unless the same is a public document, just as there are private transactions where public documents are the only kind of documents that are acceptable to the parties. People, therefore, are always searching for the contents of a collection of records known as the Ventura County Public Records so that they could use the public documents located therein in for their own uses such as in establishing their identity or purchasing property.

Public records are so important that no matter the need of the person searching for it, he would never be given the actual record. Instead, the person searching for it would only be issued a copy, thus, it is important to note that for vital records, there are two types of copies, known as informational copies and authorized copies. Informational copies could not be used to establish identity while authorized copies are limited only to those that are identified by law in an exclusive list. The two types of copies, however, contain the same information. Note also that informational and authorized classifications do not apply to non-vital records.

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Requesting for a copy of a vital record may be done through two sources, at the county level and at the state level. State level searches are the province of the California Department of Public Health, while the office of the clerk-recorder takes charge of county level searches. The procedure is substantially the same and requires the searcher to first download the relevant request form from the website of either the department or the office. Once the proper form has been downloaded and properly filled out, the next step would be to determine the required fee. At both the state level and the county level, the fees range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars. A money order is the only acceptable form of payment at both levels. Once all these requirements had been complied with, the final step would be to send the forms to the office or department, as the case may be, for processing.

Requests for a copy of non-vital records are done only through the county level. The office of the clerk-recorder have copies of every non-vital record in the county, but requesting for the same would require the searcher to actually appear at the office and make the request there. Once the copies had been located, the searcher may ask for a copy of the same. The fee, of course, must be paid first, and the regular price is one dollar per paper, though this may increase depending on the size of the paper actually used.

Public records are also available online through privately owned online databases. Easy to find and use, these database contain the same information as the two offices mentioned above, but searching using these resources are faster and more efficient. In addition, most of these websites do not charge any fee for the use of their services, and because they are internet searches, they could be done without falling in line or even leaving the home of the searcher.

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