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Practicality is the primary reason why the collection known as Tuolumne County Public Records exists. The requirements of practicality require that the records be located somewhere because people are always looking for these records, thus, it is necessary to understand why people are always looking for these records in order for us to understand the importance of public records. Public records, having been afforded great presumption of authenticity and correctness, are often the best evidence that could be used in a public proceeding or in a private transaction. There are even some proceedings where the requirement is only for public records. Public records contain information that could be used by any person to establish something, and it could be obtained by anyone for any purpose as the law does not require a reason for them to be issued to someone.

Note, however, that only copies of public records could actually be taken out of their storage. The originals are kept for purposes of security, posterity, and practicality. There is no doubt that these records would still play an important role in the future, thus, they have to be kept where they could easily be accessed. The fact that only copies of public records may be issued means that one must consider the classifications of public records, and there are two, vital records and non-vital records. The classification is important because vital records copies are divided into either informational copies or authorized copies. Information copies could not establish identity and authorized copies could not be issued to a person who is not enumerated in an exclusive list. Generally, however, the two types contain the same information.

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Requests for non-vital records are handled at the county level, the office of the clerk-recorder. The searcher has to personally appear before the clerk-recorder when requesting for a non-vital record because the searcher has to search for the record himself, though he could ask for the assistance of a member of the staff. Once the record had been located, the searcher could then ask for a copy of the same, and the copy would be made after he had paid the required fee which is usually one dollar per regular sized page.

Requests for vital records are handled at two levels, the county level, and the state level through the California Department of Public Health. The procedure, however, is substantially the same as the first step would be to download the relevant form from the website of either the office or the department. Note the headings in the forms that are being downloaded in the state level as the request form for an authorized copy is different from the request form for an informational copy. There is only one form at the county level, though this has to be notarized when requesting for an authorized copy. The next step would be to determine the required fee in accordance with the schedule of fees and this range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars at both levels. Make sure to have the proper money order made to correspond to the fees. The final step would be to send the requirements for processing. Note that state level searches could only be sent using the mail as the department does not accept walk-in requests.

Another source of public records would be online databases. There are a number of these databases in the World Wide Web and this makes them easy to locate. They are even easier to use and despite the fact that most of them provide the same information as the two offices mentioned above, they are faster and more efficient with their search with only a few of them actually charging anything. In addition, they do not require falling in line or even for the searcher to leave his home in order to conduct the search.

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The procedure given below if for requesting vital records at the county level

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