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Records had been in existence for a long time, and this is brought about by the fact of their usefulness. Human memory is never perfect and overtime, it is inevitable that it fades, but something written could, theoretically, last forever. This is the reason why there are records, and this is the reason why records that are classified as public records are often the best evidence in both public proceedings and private transactions. The records that are part of the collection known as the Tulare County Public Record are given the presumption of authenticity, a presumption that is hard to overcome, and a presumption that operates to the advantage of said public records in both public proceedings and private transactions.

Public records have to be secured not only because of the information that they contain but also for reasons of posterity. It is not inconceivable that these records would still play a role in the public lives of people twenty, thirty, even fifty to sixty years from now. In an effort to maintain the authenticity of these records, therefore, a person who would request for a record could only get a copy of the same. Thus, one must consider the types of copies of public records, though one must also note that only vital records have this classification as non-vital records copies do not have these classifications. Informational copies and authorized copies contain the same information, but informational copies could not establish identity and authorized copies are issued only to person who are included in an exclusive list of people.

Requests for non-vital records are conducted at the county level, the office of the clerk-recorder. The procedure is for the searcher to appear personally before the clerk and to ask for a copy of a record by looking into the archives. Permission is almost always given, thus, when said permission is given, the searcher may either look into the archives himself, or he could ask for assistance from a staff member. Either way, once the record had been located, the searcher may now request for a copy of the record, and he would be asked to pay the required copying fee which is one dollar per page.

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Requests for vital records are handled at both the county level and the state level, meaning, the California Department of Public Health. The procedure is substantially the same and requires the searcher to first download the relevant form corresponding to the type of document being requested for. Note the heading of the form as the form for an informational copy is different from a form for an authorized copy. Either way, it is the job of the searcher to fill up these records completely. Once this is done, determine the required fee and make a money order to correspond to the same. The fees range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars at the state level, and from twenty eight dollars to fifteen dollars at the county level.

If there is an urgent need for the record, it is most advisable to just use online databases to search for the public record. There is currently no government database that could provide this service, but there are a number of private online databases that do provide the same information as the two government offices mentioned above. Easy to locate and use, these databases have the added advantage of quicker and more efficient searches, and most of them do not even charge anything. As with internet searches, there are no lines to fall into, and there is no need to leave the house in order to conduct the search.

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The procedure to request for non-vital records at the county level is given below.

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