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The importance of public records is illustrated by the fact that no less than the law requires that they be available to the public at all times. This is because the information contained within these tiny documents are often so important, they could establish something or someone. In the same vein, however, it is not the law that is the primary reason why the records that are part of the collection known as the Trinity County Public Records are made available to the public, no, the main reasons is the requirements of practicality. As public records are often the best evidence in any proceeding or transaction, it but makes sense that people would always want a copy of the same, and because of this, it behooves the authorities to make the records available.

Note that because of their importance, original records, once placed in the archives would not be taken out of the same without a compelling reason, and asking for a copy of the record is not one. Instead, a person who wishes to get his hands on a public record would have to be contented with copies of the same, and here, one must note the difference between informational and authorized copies. Although they provide the same information, informational copies could not be used to establish identity while authorized copies could only be issued to an exclusive list of people identified by the law. Note, however, that informational and authorized copies apply only for vital records and not for non-vital records.

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Requesting for non-vital records such as property records, arrest records, and court records could only be done at the county level. In general, the relevant county department has copies of the record, but the office of the clerk-recorder typically has all copies, so that should be the best place to start. To request for a copy here, the searcher would have to personally ask for permission to view the archives, though one must note that permission is almost never denied. Once permission had been given, all that is left is to search the archives, and here, the searcher may request for the assistance of a staff member. Once the record had been located, the searcher could then request for a copy of the same, and after he had paid the required fee, which is one dollar per page, the copy would be made and issued to him.

Requests for copies of vital records are a bit more complicated since there are two general sources of the same, the county level and the state level through the California Department of Public Health. The procedure is the same in the sense that one must first download the relevant request form. Note that state level searches have two forms, one for informational and the other for authorized copes. County level searches operate using only one form, though this has to be notarized in case requesting for an authorized copy. Once the form has been completed, the next step would be to make a money order to correspond to the required fee which range, at both levels, from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars. Once this is completed, all that is left is to send the requirements to the office or department for processing.

Another source of public records that had been gaining popularity is online databases. Easy to locate and use, these databases proliferate the World Wide Web with the same information that could be provided by the two offices, but searches using this medium are faster, more efficient, and often free of charge. As with all internet searches, they could be done from the homes of the searcher, which means no lines and all the comforts of home while clicking on links searching for the records required.

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