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The importance of records in the everyday life of people could not be underestimated. Records are the answer to the fact that no one could actually remember everything, hence, the reason why there must be some form that could be used in order to preserve the information. Public records follow this simple requirement, and they are called public records not only because they are important to the public, but also because the contents of the archives known as the Sutter County Public Records were made by public authorities, hence, the presumption that they authentic, and could, therefore, be used in official proceedings where only the best evidence could be admitted. Of course, this does not mean that public records could only be used in public proceedings, because public records actually find more use in private transactions.

Public records are classified either as vital records or non-vital records, though for both classification, only copies of the same could be given upon request as the originals have to be kept secured in order to maintain their authenticity and for future requests. Note that copies of vital records are classified either as informational copies or authorized copies, and though they both contain the same information, informational copies could not establish identity while authorized copies could not be issued to a person not identified in an exclusive list.

Requests for vital records are conducted through either of two levels, the state level and the county level. State level searches are conducted through the California Department of Public Health while county level searches are conducted through the office of the clerk-recorder. Note that while the clerk-recorder has other procedures, requesting for a form using online forms are substantially the same at both levels and could be started by the searcher first downloading the relevant form from the website of either the office or the department. Note that state level searches have two types of forms, one for informational and one for authorized, while county level searches only has one. Either way, once the form has been completed, the next step would be to determine the required fee and to make a money order to correspond to the same. Once this is done, the form should be sent to the office or department for processing as the case may be, though one must note that state level searches could only be sent via mail.

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Requests for non-vital records may be conducted only at the county level and would require the person making the request to be present at the office of the clerk-recorder. Although he may search the archives himself, it is suggested that, for faster and more efficient searches, he request for assistance. Either way, once the records had been located, the searcher may request for a copy of the same, and a copy would be made after he had paid the required fee which is one dollar per page.

For those who require the record as fast as possible and does not need the same to be certified, the more efficient method would be to search for the record online. There are a number of databases that cater to this need, and this makes them easier to find in addition to the fact that they are easier to use. Searches using this method are not only faster and more efficient, more often than not, they are also free of charge. Also, because they are done using the internet, there is no need to fall in line or even to go out of the house in order to conduct the search.

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The procedure given below is for requests for vital records at the county level by mail

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