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Imagine a person who is attempting to purchase a parcel of land. Not only does he need the money to buy the property, he also has to make sure that the person whom he is dealing with is the actual owner of the land that he wishes to purchase. This is where public records come in, because property records, found in the collection known as the Stanislaus County Public Records would identify the owner of the property, thus, the person who wishes to purchase the land would be certain that the other person that he is dealing with is, indeed, the owner of the property in question. Of course, property records are not the only types of public records found in the collection, but those other records are also available to the public as a matter of practicality and as a matter of law.

Generally, there are two types of public records, vital records and non-vital records. The originals of these records are kept in secure archives, and a request for the same would not mean that the originals would be made available to the person requesting for them, instead, copies of them would be provided. At this juncture, note that vital record copies are classified into either informational or authorized copies, and though both provide the same information, they are actually different. Informational copies could not establish identity, and the same warning is stamped diagonally across the surface of the certificate. Authorized copies are not available to the general public, instead, they are available only to a certain number of people that have been identified in an exclusive list provided by law.

Requests for vital records may be conducted either at the state level or at the county level. In general, the procedure is the same, and it begins with the searcher downloading the request form either from the website of the clerk-recorder at the county level, or the website of the California Department of Public Health at the state level. Note that at the county level, there is only one form, and the same would have to be notarized if requesting for an authorized copy. At the state level, there are two forms corresponding to a request for an informational or for an authorized copy. Once the form had been completed, the next step would be to determine the required fee and to make a money order to correspond to that fee. At both levels, the fees range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars. Once this is done, the requirements would have to be sent to the office or department, as the case may be, for processing. Note that, at the state level, walk ins are not allowed.

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Requests for non-vital records are conducted only at the county level, and the searcher must actually be present at the office of the clerk-recorder for the search. This is because he could do the search himself, but it is recommended that he request for the assistance of a member of the staff. Once the record had been located, he could then request that a copy of the same be made, and he would have to pay the copying fee which is one dollar per page.

Another method of searching for public records is using online databases. There are a number of these databases in the World Wide Web and this made them easier to locate. They are also easier to use and they do provide the same information as the two offices mentioned above, in addition to the fact that they are faster, more efficient, and, more often than not, free to use. They also do not require long lines, or lines at all, and they could be conducted from within the residence of the searcher without the need to actually go out of their four walls.

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