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It is easy to see why public records, or at least copies thereof, are being asked for by the public. These records are often the best evidence to prove or establish something, in fact, there are some proceedings, mostly in public, that specifies that only public records may be used as evidence. When all of these is taken into consideration, it is not difficult to see why the collection known as the Sonoma County Public Records should be made available to the public at all times. The importance of public records is best illustrated with the example of a person who wishes to apply for a job. Not only would he be asked to prove that he is who he says he is, thus, the requirement for a birth certificate, more often than not, he would also be asked to prove that he has no criminal past, hence, the requirement for a certification that he has no arrest records or pending court records, or, if he has, those arrest records or court records.

The importance of public records means that the originals of these records would never be made available to the public, only copies of the same would be made available. At this juncture, note the two classifications of public records, vital records and non-vital records. Copies of vital records are further classified either as informational or authorized copies. Although they do have the same information, informational copies could not establish identity and the same is stamped across the copy, while authorized copies are not available to the general public, rather, they are available only to certain people that have been identified by the law.

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Requests for vital records are handled both at the county and the state level. County level searches are conducted through the office of the clerk-recorder while state level searches are conducted through the California Department of Public Health. In general, however, the procedure is the same. The searcher would first have to download the relevant form from the website of either the office or department. Note that state level searches have two forms, one for informational and the other for authorized copes, while county level searches only have one form, though the same has to be notarized if requesting for an authorized copy. The next step would be to determine the required fee and to make a money order to correspond to that fee. Once all requirements are completed, the searcher has to send them to the office or department for processing. Note that the department does not accept walk-in applicants.

Requests for non-vital records are handled only at the county level, the office of the clerk-recorder. Generally, because of the limits of how much information that could be placed online, it is best for the searcher to search the actual archives for the record, though he could ask for the assistance of a member of the staff. Once the record had been located, the searcher could then request for a copy of the same, and the copy would be made after he had paid the required copying fee which is one dollar per page.

Additionally, there is another source of public records in the form of online databases. These databases are not only easy to locate and use, they also provide the same information as the two offices mentioned above, albeit, faster, more efficient, and often, without any charge. Internet searches are also devoid of lines, and because of the nature of the internet, they could be conducted from the home of the searcher itself.

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