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The importance of public records is best highlighted by the fact that no less than a law require that they be available at all times. This law, however, is based on the requirements of practicality, because there would always be people who would want to gain public records, and the collection known as the Solano County Public Records could best serve the needs of the people by being open to them. One must, however, consider why public records are so important not only for public proceedings but also for private transactions. One must note that the information contained within public records are of so vital importance and are presumed to be authentic that there are actually some proceedings that do not accept any other kind of record except public records as evidences to establish something.

One must note that while public records are open to the public, the public cannot actually take the original copy of the record. This is because the original copies need to be secured for posterity, for it is not inconceivable that in the future, these records would still be used as references. Thus, one must note the difference between the two kinds of copies of vital records which are informational copies and authorized copies. The information contained within these copies are actually the same, but informational copies could not establish identity while authorized copies could only be given to a person who is included in an exclusive list as established by law. As for non-vital record copies, everyone is entitled to them and because of this, there are no types of copies for these public records.

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Non-vital records requests are handled at the county level, generally through the office of the clerk-recorder. The searcher, however, has to be prepared to manually look for the records through the archives, though he could request assistance from a member of the staff. Either way, once the records had been located, a copy of the same could be requested, though the searcher has to pay for the copy at a rate of one dollar per regular sized page.
As for vital records requests, these are handled at both the county level and the state level through the California Department of Public Health. A request for vital records begins with the searcher downloading the relevant request form from the website of either the department or the office. Once the form has been filled up, a notarized sworn statement must be attached to the same if the request is for an authorized copy. The next step would be to determine the required fee, which range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars at both levels, and to make a money order to correspond to the same. The final step would be to send the request form to the office or department, as the case may be, for processing.

Another method of searching for public records is through the internet. There are a number of online databases that would be helpful in this endeavor and because of their sheer numbers, these databases are rather easy to locate. The user would find that once he had located a database, it is rather easy to use and that it provides the same information as the two offices mentioned above, sometimes for no cost at all. These databases also provide search results faster and more efficiently, and do not require the searcher to fall in line. Generally, a searcher does not even have to leave his home in order to conduct the search.

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To request for a vital record at the state level, simply follow the given procedure

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