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The reason that a piece of paper that is classified as a public record is available to the public at all times is not because the law requires it to be so. Although there is a law that requires all papers and documents that are part of the collection known as the Shasta County Public Records be available to the public at all times, the reason for the existence of the law is rooted upon the requirements of practicality. One must note that public records are the best evidence needed in order to prove something, thus, it is not surprising that a lot of people wish to get their hands on one.

Unfortunately, the original records, once filed with the relevant office or department, could not be taken out of the archives of that office or department. The only thing that could be taken out would be copies of the same. At this point, it is important to note that public records are classified either as vital records or non-vital records. Copies for vital records are further classified into informational and authorized copies. Informational copies could not be used to establish identity, while authorized copies are issued only to a select few identified within an exclusive list.

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Requests for vital records could be done either at the county level or at the state level. County level searches are conducted through the office of the clerk-recorder while state level searches are done through the California Department of Public Health. Note that while the procedures are almost the same, there are some differences. The procedure starts with the request form being downloaded. The difference here is that state level searches have two kinds of forms, one for informational copies and the other for authorized copies. County level searches only have one form, but the same has to be notarized when requesting for an authorized copy and indicated therein. Once the form has been completed, the next step would be to determine the required fee and to make a money order to correspond to the same. State level fees range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars while county level fees range from twenty eight dollars to fifteen dollars.

Requests for non-vital records are only handled at the county level, and while almost all offices have their own records, there is a central repository for all records in the office of the clerk-recorder. State law limits the amount of information that government offices could place on the internet, so the only procedure for requesting for non-vital records would be for the searcher to actually go to the office and make the request there. Permission is almost always never denied, and once it is given, the searcher may either do the search himself or he could ask for the assistance of one of the staff. Either way, once the records had been located, the searcher may then ask for a copy of the same. The copying fee stands at one dollar per page.

Finally, there are online databases. Not connected to the government, these databases are, nevertheless, capable of providing the same information as the two offices mentioned above. In addition to the fact that they are easy to locate and use, most of these databases provide their information for free, and because they are done using the internet, not only are they faster and more efficient, there is not even the requirement on the part of the searcher to either fall in line or to leave his house.

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