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Public records are those types of records that are supposed to be available to the public at all times. In Calaveras County, these records are kept within an archive that is known as the Calaveras County Public Records. To understand the importance of records, one must understand why these records exist in the first place. Human memory is fallible but once something had been committed to a record, writing or otherwise; it is easier to remember even if the person was not there. The earliest forms of records are left behind by early man in the ceilings and walls of caves and depict everyday lives for these people. In the modern times, the function of records had no changed, what had changed was the way that the records are kept and how they are made.

It is the requirement of practicability that had caused public records to be made available to the public at all times. This is because these records comprise the bulk of the best evidences that could be used, and this is the reason why people search for these records. There are two ways of searches when it comes to the public records, and these are to do the search either at the state level or at the county level.

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At the state level, the government agency concerned would be the California Department of Public Health. The Department of Public Health has copies of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce certificates dating back to the year 1901. To request for the records from this office, the searcher must first download a request form from their website and accomplish the same. Note that the department would not accept a walk-in request so all requests must conform to this procedure. Once the form has been accomplished, depending on the type of the record requested, the searcher may have to execute a sworn statement. This sworn statement, together with the accomplished form and the money order corresponding to the required fee in accordance with the schedule of fees of the department, would have to be mailed to the Department of Public Health. The highest fee would be twenty five dollars for birth certificates while the lowest would be fifteen dollars for certificates of the dissolution of marriage.

At the county level, the office concerned with public records would be the Office of the Clerk-Recorder. The county-recorder accepts walk-in requests as well as mail requests. For those who wish to mail a request, remember that there is no prescribed form in the Office of the Clerk-Recorder, but all the same, a money order must accompany the request corresponding to the fee in accordance with the schedule of fees, and a sworn statement may also be necessary. Note that a mailed request would also require a self-addressed envelope for delivery purposes. The highest fee is also the birth certificate at twenty five dollars per copy.

Another option available would be to search for the records online. Note that the state of California has restrictions regarding public information regarding identities that could be placed online, so it may not be possible to use official government sources in online searches. However, there are other unofficial sources that do provide the same information as the ones in government databases. In addition, these databases are often easier to use and provide their information free. They are also almost always connected to other databases that provide other types of information that may be of use to the searcher. As with all internet searches, these databases do not require the searcher to leave their homes in order to conduct their search.

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